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Boards Network: Change Boards, Change The World

One of the things I’m most happy about my time at Wharton is that it gave me the opportunity to reflect on what really matters to me professionally and personally, on what problems or issues I want to work on for a long time.

If you’ve read Sapiens, you know what made the success of our species: our ability to collaborate in large groups. Most large organizations we interact with daily are private enterprises, and Boards have been the central piece of most governance models since the 17th century.

Apple’s Board decision to bring Steve Jobs back is probably the most valuable decision a Board ever made. More recently, Uber and WeWork’s Boards have been criticized for their sometimes-questionable decision making.

So how can Boards take more good decisions? Are there credible alternative governance models to a Board-driven framework? How can we become better individual Board members and help those who want to do the same?

A few months ago, Justine Huang and I decided to explore those questions, and we’d like to start sharing our learning journey with you through Boards Network!

Learning how to be a good Board member is mostly an apprenticeship model. Individual knowledge is siloed, fragmented and not distributed broadly. We want to change that. Over time, we’ll aggregate all the useful resources we find on the topic and share those with you.

But we also think that business history is often best told as oral history, and there is a clear lack of audio content on the topic. That’s why we decided to start recording a podcast and see where this adventure takes us.

We released 4 episodes today. We’re excited to share our discussions with Anarghya Vardhana, Christa Quarles, Benjamin Levin, and George Bradt. We’re extremely grateful for their support and their willingness to take a bet on us before we had released any content!

You can find the episodes on our website, on Spotify, and on Breaker. We’ll release one more every Tuesday!

We’ll comment on each episode in the next hours and days. Stay tuned, and follow us on twitter @boardsnetwork and on LinkedIn

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